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Preparing To Sell Your Home

Getting Home Ready


Before you are ready to list your home, it is a good idea to get it ready to present before you get the phone call that someone is on their way.

Some homes are always ready to show in an instant and, in our busy day-to-day lives, some homes need a little TLC.  By organizing your home and its contents now, you will save time when you decide to move to your new location. 

Less is more.  The fewer items you have in your rooms the larger the rooms may appear to the potential buyer.  Keepsakes, nick-knack's, personal photographs and small items are better if they are packed away.  This will allow the potential buyer to better visualize your home as theirs and, at the same time, it will protect your special items as they are safely put away. 

Some helpful suggestions:

Clean and organize your drawers, cupboards and shelving units.  Clear off the counters and keep personal products away.

Keep the floor clear of toys and laundry.  Clear dresser tops and box any toys your children are willing to allow you to. 

Box all off-season clothing.  Organize your clothing, i.e. skirts together, business suites together, shirts, etc.  Any shoes that you will not be using for the next three months can be boxed.  Clean and organized closets give the impression of a well-kept home. 

Any extra furniture in a room will give the illusion of it being smaller than it actually is. 

This can be the hardest room to move.  Make it easier for yourself and organize seasonal items you will not be needing.  This may be the ideal time to have the garage sale you keep talking about.

Take the time to walk around your house, both inside and out, to identify any repairs that need to be completed.  I can guarantee you the potential buyer will be doing this!  Make a list of items that need to be repaired so that you do not forget to fix them.

You may wish to hire the help of professionals for this. It will be money well spent as a cleaner home often sells faster and for more money than one that is not.

  • clean all windows, inside and out.
  • clean all lighting fixtures and change burnt bulbs.
  • wash walls, cabinets and baseboards.
  • wax any floor that may need it.
  • shampoo all carpets.
  • Repaint any walls, doors, ceilings which are looking tired or need to be refreshed with a neutral color

There are some items in each of our homes that we know we will not be using again, or may not need in our new home.  Below, I have listed some names of organizations that would be most thankful for any used clothing or furniture.  Depending on the price and quality of the items, some of these organizations may also offer a tax receipt.

Women's Shelter     Phone:  905-825-3622
Salvation Army       Phone:  905-633-8762
Diabetes Society     Phone:  905-528-1112

Remember you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to make the right one the first time!

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